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The Summer of 2005 marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Caddyshack, one of the greatest comedies of all time. In honor of Caddyshack's anniversary, I've thrown together a 25 question quiz with questions ranging from beginner to expert. I've also included some great Caddyshack links on the right side of this page and ten bonus questions at the bottom. Good luck.

Multiple Choice

Question 1: Who played the role of Judge Smails in Caddyshack?
Chevy Chase Rodney Dangerfield Ted Knight Jackie Mason

Question 2: What is the name of Danny Noonan's girlfriend?
Angie Kelly Maggie Sally

Question 3: Who performs the song that is played on the radio in Al Czervik's golf bag?
Journey Kenny Loggins REO Speedwagon The Cars

Question 4: What brand of car bar falls into the pool and causes a panic?
Baby Ruth Milky Way Snickers Three Musketeers

Question 5: What is the price of a coke at the caddy shack?
50 cents 60 cents 70 cents 75 cents

Question 6: What is Bishop Pickering's first name?
Bill Dave Fred Greg

Question 7: What is Judge Smails' first name?
Edwin Efrem Elgin Elihu

Question 8: Caddy Day at the pool is limited to which time frame?
1:00 to 1:05 1:00 to 1:10 1:00 to 1:15 1:00 to 1:30

Question 9: Carl claims to have a license to kill gophers granted by the government of:
North America The United Nations The United States of America The United States Greenskeeper's Association

Question 10: Judge Smails' sailboat is called what?
The Flying Dutchman The Flying Fish The Flying Robe The Flying Wasp

Question 11: What kind of cereal is shown in the Noonan home at the beginning of Caddyshack?
Cheerios Froot Loops Frosted Flakes Life

Question 12: What type of ball does Ty Webb use?
Titleist Top Flight Spaulding Wilson

Question 13: Where does Lacey Underall live?
Hollywood Las Vegas Manhattan Miami Beach

Question 14: What is the final value of the bet between Judge Smails/Dr Beeper and Ty Webb/Al Czervik?
$10,000 $20,000 $40,000 $80,000

Question 15: What is the first name of the guy who clerks for Judge Smails (hint: he is introduced to Noonan at the yacht club)?
Chuck Spaulding Terry Tony

Question 16: What make of car is parked in Judge Smails' space?
Audi BMW Mercedes Porsche

Question 17: What the names of the tough guys that Al Czervik sends after Judge Smails to collect his money at the end of the movie?
Moose and Bruno Moose and Rocco Bruno and Rocco Tony and Bruno

Fill in the Blank

Question 18: What is the name of the country club where the movie takes place (one word)?

Question 19: What is the last name of the man that arrives with Al Czervik at the beginning of the film?

Question 20: When Judge Smails asks Danny what score Ty Webb had that day, what was Danny's response (I'm looking for a number)?

Question 21: How many swings did Carl take when he was hitting flowers and pretending to be playing at The Masters?

Question 22: The yacht club where Judge Smails is a member is called "Rolling [fill in the blank] Yacht Club"?

Question 23: What is the color of the golf balls that Al Czervik uses?

Question 24: What is the name of Al Czervik's boat (one word)?

Question 25: What is the first name of the man who runs the caddy shack?

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More Questions for the Caddyshack Experts

Question 26: In which state does the movie take place? (I'm basing this on what Danny says to Ty Webb in the first few minutes of the movie)
Question 27: What is the name of the caddy that died of a severe anxiety attack?
Question 28: What is the name of the head greenskeeper?
Question 29: Al Czervik says that country clubs and what are the biggest wastes of prime real estate?
Question 30: What color shirts and hats do the caddies wear?
Question 31: What brand of drink does Judge Smails offer Noonan when the meet in the judge's office?
Question 32: What is the name of the captain of Al Czervik's boat?
Question 33: When Carl imagines winning the Master's, how many yards away is his final shot?
Question 34: What is the address where Ty Webb lives?
Question 35: What is the name of the kid who plays with Noonan and D'Annunzio in the caddy tournament? (anyone who knows this one is a true Caddyshack master)

Trivia Answers

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