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Caddyshack Quiz Answers

Multiple Choice

Question 1: Who played the role of Judge Smails in Caddyshack? -- Ted Knight

Question 2: What is the name of Danny Noonan's girlfriend? -- Maggie

Question 3: Who performs the song that is played on the radio in Al Czervik's golf bag? -- Journey

Question 4: What brand of car bar falls into the pool and causes a panic? -- Baby Ruth

Question 5: What is the price of a coke at the caddy shack? -- 50 cents

Question 6: What is Bishop Pickering's first name? -- Fred

Question 7: What is Judge Smails' first name? -- Elihu

Question 8: Caddy Day at the pool is limited to which time frame? -- 1:00 to 1:15

Question 9: Carl claims to have a license to kill gophers granted by the government of -- The United Nations

Question 10: Judge Smails' sailboat is called what? -- The Flying Wasp

Question 11: What kind of cereal is shown in the Noonan home at the beginning of Caddyshack? -- Cheerios

Question 12: What type of ball does Ty Webb use? -- Titleist

Question 13: Where does Lacey Underall live? -- Manhattan

Question 14: What is the final value of the bet between Judge Smails/Dr Beeper and Ty Webb/Al Czervik? -- $80,000

Question 15: What is the first name of the guy who clerks for Judge Smails? -- Chuck (Schick)

Question 16: What make of car is parked in Judge Smails' space? -- Audi

Question 17: What the names of the tough guys that Al Czervik sends after Judge Smails to collect his money at the end of the movie? -- Moose and Rocco

Fill in the Blank

Question 18: What is the name of the country club where the movie takes place (one word)? -- Bushwood

Question 19: What is the last name of the man that arrives with Al Czervik at the beginning of the film? -- Wang

Question 20: When Judge Smails asks Danny what score Ty Webb had that day, what was Danny's response? -- 68

Question 21: How many swings did Carl take when he was hitting flowers and pretending to be playing at The Masters? -- 3

Question 22: The yacht club where Judge Smails is a member is called "Rolling [fill in the blank] Yacht Club"? -- Lakes

Question 23: What is the color of the golf balls that Al Czervik uses? -- Orange

Question 24: What is the name of Al Czervik's boat (one word)? -- Seafood

Question 25: What is the first name of the man who runs the caddy shack? -- Lou

Bonus Questions

Question 26: In which state does the movie take place? -- Nebraska

Question 27: What is the name of the caddy that died of a severe anxiety attack? -- Carl Lipbaum

Question 28: What is the name of the head greenskeeper? -- Sandy McFiddish

Question 29: Al Czervik says that country clubs and what are the biggest wastes of prime real estate? -- cemeteries

Question 30: What color shirts and hats do the caddies wear? -- orange

Question 31: What brand of drink does Judge Smails offer Noonan when the meet in the judge's office? -- Fresca

Question 32: What is the name of the captain of Al Czervik's boat? -- Swanson

Question 33: When Carl imagines winning the Master's, how many yards away is his final shot? -- 195 yards

Question 34: On which street does Ty Webb live? -- Briar

Question 35: What is the name of the guy who plays with Noonan and D'Annunzio in the caddy tournament? -- Mitchell

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