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Major League Movie Quiz Answers

Multiple Choice

Question 1: Who played the role of Jake Taylor in Major League? -- Tom Berenger

Question 2: Owner Rachel Phelps wants to move the Indians to which city? -- Miami

Question 3: Where is Jake staying when he gets the call from the Indians GM? -- La Casa Del Campo

Question 4: Which former major league player portrayed Klu Haywood in Major League? -- Pete Vuckovich

Question 5: What was the first name of Rene Russo's character? -- Lynn

Question 6: What crime landed Vaughn in the California penal system? -- Car theft

Question 7: Which minor league team did Lou Brown coach for 30 years? -- Toledo Mudhens

Question 8: What position did Pedro Cerrano play? -- Right field

Question 9: The crowd scenes in Major League were filmed in which city? -- Milwaukee

Question 10: What was the name of Harry Doyle's color commentator? -- Monty

Question 11: In which year was Major League released? -- 1989

Question 12: What was the score of the Yankees win over the Indians on Opening Day? -- 9-0

Question 13: Where is Lou Brown working when he gets the call about the Indians job? -- Tire World

Question 14: What was the nickname of the Yankee pitcher played by Steve Yeager? -- The Duke

Question 15: Jake Taylor was an all-star playing for which team? -- Boston

Fill in the Blank

Question 16: What is the last name of the pitcher who starts the one game playoff for the Indians? -- Harris

Question 17: Complete the quote: "Juuuuuuuuust a bit _______" -- outside

Question 18: What type of alcoholic beverage does Cerrano pour for Jobu? -- Rum

Question 19: What is the last name of the Indians first base coach (and apparently the pitching coach)? -- Leach

Question 20: What is the speed of Vaughn's last (strikeout) pitch to Haywood? -- 101

Fill in the Blank - Uniform Numbers

Question 21: Rick Vaughn -- 99

Question 22: Jake Taylor -- 7

Question 23: Pedro Cerrano -- 13

Question 24: Roger Dorn -- 24

Question 25: Willie Mays Hayes -- 00

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