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Interview with Wally (2004)
Interview with Wally (2000)

Wally the Green Monster to Run Again in 2004

Wally the Green Monster has officially announced his candidacy for President of the United States. As was the case in 2000, Wally accepted the Mascot Party nomination after a contentious primary season. Wally, who came in fourth in the 2000 election, continues to gain recognition through his appearances with Jerry Remy, Sean McDonough and Don Orsillo on Boston Red Sox broadcasts. Now a household name, Wally feels that he will be a much stronger candidate in November's election than he was in 2000. Click on the links below and to the left to find out more about Wally.

Wally Narrows Field for Running Mate

Wally's 2000 Vice Presidential running mate, the San Diego Chicken, has retired from politics leaving the #2 slot open on the Mascot Party ticket. There has been much speculation about Wally's important choice. Wally believes that selecting the right individual will make or break his campaign. Although Wally has been tight-lipped about who he might select, the experts believe the field has been narrowed down to five: the Philly Phanatic, Mr. Met, Pat Patriot, Bernie Brewer and the Stanford Tree. Click here to get a profile of each of Wally's potential running mates.

Wally's Relationship with Paris Hilton Has the Media in a Frenzy

Like most political candidates, Wally is no stranger to accusations of scandal. During the 2000 campaign, the media couldn't get enough of Wally's personal life, focusing on his alleged fistfight with Bucky Dent and his relationship with tennis star Anna Kournikova. This time around, the media is swarming because of Wally's on-again, off-again romance with hotel heiress Paris Hilton. Click here to read my interview with Wally and find out the real story.

Wally on the Issues

View Wally's opinions on a variety of political issues including public education, taxes, technology and radar gun control.